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Eating healthy food is really important to us. We discuss health & food issues on a daily basis. We want to eat right, because like a lot of other people, we have family members, with us and not with us, who have experienced heart and cancer problems, and want to eat our way to better health with a plant-based whole food diet.

We also love to cook, and strive to make almost everything we eat from scratch. But like most other people, we have busy lives and don't always have time to plan and prepare a meal from scratch each day & night.

Then we discovered batch cooking. We realized that we could dedicate one night per week to prepare a lot of the components for a week's worth of meals. As we started to perfect our batch cooking - mixing up big batches of healthy sauces and roasting nuts, we realized others like us might be interested in what we were doing. So we started nutritio.us.

Oh yeah - if we're not dreaming up new batch kits for the service, then we're probably enjoying the outdoors on our horses.

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